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Catherine would be the most refreshing woman speaker I have ever heard. Catherine shot from the hip, played it straight and delivered a lot.
AMP Society

Catherine's presentation was a high point within our conference. Catherine spoke with sincerity, enthusiasm and wit, thereby keeping attention pivoted upon her message. We were delighted with the content and relevance of her talk, which focused on achieving success through effective teamwork.
Australian Institute of Credit Management

What IS success anyway? Having Catherine Palin-Brinkworth at your conference!
Australian Institute of Credit Union Management

Now that the event is over, the dust has settled and the time for reflection is upon us, I am compelled to write and express my sincere appreciation of your efforts on the final day of our conference. All of the delegates that I have had the chance to converse with since the event ocncluded have expressed their enthusiasm, understanding and acceptance of the thrust of your presentation. There is no doubt that if all those in attendance took on board just a small percentage of what you offered, we as a company will be significantly advantaged by the improved performance of our Dealer network results. I look forward to a future opportunity to attend one of your presentations and wish you continuing success into the future.
Managing Director - Cox Industries

You were magnificent. I have never seen such glowing comments and overall assessments for any other presenter at a PricewaterhouseCoopers function.
Chris Reardon - Partner - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Thank you sincerely for making the effort to be our Keynote Speaker at our conference. Having spoken to many delegates I know that your words were well listened to, and the scoring system resulted in 8's and 10's for your presentation.
Harvey World Travel
My phone rang hot for days as people reflected on your talk and then told me of the effect of your words and the difference they have made. You certainly made a thought provoking and positive impact. I just loved the way you wove your stories, wisdom, quotes, humour and charm and made it seem so easy, so professional yet so personal.
Hunter Business Women's Network

We received the following statement about the Executive Assistant National Congress from one of the attendees. "Great conferences are made by having great speakers. Thanks for filling yours with so many great presenters". This praise echoed the vast majority of sentiments we received about our event and which we could not have achieved without professional presenters like Catherine Palin-Brinkworth. Catherine was a huge hit with all attendees and shone in a programme in which it was hard to be a stand-out. Thank you so much to Catherine and her team for all their hard work and professionalism and hopefully we will have the opportunity to work with you again soon.
Jonathan McIlroy -Director -Executive Assistant Network

Thank you! What a great presentation - very useful for our sales team and others not within the sales team. Catherine proved to be a dynamic speaker who has a unique ability to convey complex information in a manner that is both easy to understand and entertaining as well. In particular, her personality typologies proved remarkably accurate and useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine for conferences/seminars/sales training.
Marketing Manager - Groupe Seb

You continue to impress our members and guests by the variety of your style, your ability to engage the audience and educate while having heaps of fun. The way you weaved your personality through your presentation demonstrated the skills of a true master at work. The strategies, insights and tips you shared are sure to assist our members to better service their clients. The feedback has been excellent: "Catherine provided unique examples and strategies that I could put into practice immediately" "I like the way the information was delivered, clear, concise, entertaining and fun." "Different, fun and entertaining" "Inspiring, interactive and thought provoking."
National Speakers Association of Australia

The recent Management Summit conducted by Catherine Palin-Brinkworth was most informative and useful for our team. It provided the opportunity for us to define our business culture; come to consensus on what is important for our strategy going forward; And begin building a picture of our future customers. We would like to thank Catherine sincerely for her insightfulness and contribution.
Peter Johnson - Praxa Limited

Thank you for your workshop in Perth last week. The feedback was all very positive from what can be a very hard and critical group. It helped set us up for a productive day on Friday.
Rod Adamson - Managing Director - RFC Ambrian

Best ever; impressed with the take home value that attendees commented on.
Schwarzkopf NZ Ltd

You have a unique ability to present your message in a manner that is readily understood and retained by your audience. The results are on the board. Thank you!
St George Bank

Your presentations fitted the bill perfectly and I had some excellent feedback.You are a delight to work with.

The purpose... is to congratulate you for your invaluable assistance on this conference. The response from the Dealers this morning has been overwhelming. The level of dedication, commitment and fun you provided in making this CR Conference a huge success was well above the call of duty and certainly beyond mere mortals!
Toyota Motor Corporation Australia

I really just wanted to thank you again for the amazing stuff you shared with us at our workshop in Wellington this week. You are an incredibly talented person, with a veritable library of experience with "life". Your fresh, positive and cheerful approached has to be an inspiration to us all. Never before have I felt like getting up and just hugging a person to say "thank you so much as you have absolutely no idea how much your seminar is going to change my life". - everything you said made SO MUCH SENSE!!!

What fun, what wisdom and what a wonderful experience even though a few buttons were pushed at the end. You would be one of the most exciting and honest presenters. It was a truly "awesome" experience. Thank you.
Trans Power NZ Limited