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Engaging, inspiring and authentic!

Powerful Personal Leadership in life and business.

Catherine Speaks

Catherine has absolutely lived her leadership message - in the corporate environment, in professional associations, in commercial directorships and board roles.

Catherine shifts minds, inspires behaviour change and provides your people with practical performance power tools.

With warmth and wisdom she helps people to lift their belief in themselves and supercharge their own achievement drive.

Catherine's current speaking topics include:

Navigating Chaos!
Resilience, Release and Renewal
Creating a Positive Leadership Culture

She will always design and customise her presentations just for you, to fit in with your conference theme or business mission.

Catherine is a Certified Speaking Professional, the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers, held by about 7% world-wide. She is a former International President of the Global Speakers Federation, and in December 2013 was recognised with an inaugural CSPGlobal for her international speaking presence, one of only 30 world-wide.

She holds Life Membership of Professional Speakers Australia, has received their highest recognition, the Nevin Award, and is a Hall of Fame member. She has been a contributing author to several books, magazines, journals, and is the author of the best-selling 'What IS Success, Anyway?'

"You possess the ability to engage your audience no matter who it is comprised of, and relate your message so it is absorbed and not discarded. You build confidence amongst your audience empowering them to greater things by promoting their strengths, abilities and growing their self-esteem. You have proven to me that attitudes can be changed. You have left a lasting impression on my Managers." Peter Mim, General Manager – Crown Melbourne.

Contact us to check Catherine’s availability for your event or change project, and her fee schedule for your location. Catherine currently lives on Australia's Gold Coast; her travel to your destination may be included in her fees.