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Progress Performance provides

    • Leadership mentoring, coaching, workshops and strategic development
    • Effective diagnostic evaluations - uncovering the unvoiced internal issues as well as the priority solutions
    • Sales, service, negotiation, conflict and presentation programs - which can be delivered by your team

Here is some of What We Do, How We Do It, and What you Get:

Cultural Analysis

Confidential qualitative interviews with a selected staff sample using our diagnostic process

Written report summarising findings and recommending specific remedial action to reach desired outcomes. Determining underlying beliefs and behaviours. Helping you develop improvement strategies. Clients frequently express surprise at the depth of findings, and the practicality, simplicity, affordability and effectiveness of suggested solutions.

Profiling and Psychological Assessment

On-line assessment of workplace temperament and probable behaviours

Individual reports and confidential counselling available to each team member. This work should not be used for recruitment or selection, but for optimal leadership and talent management.

Executive Coaching

Identifying performance goals and gaps, developing solutions with accountability and measured improvement

Feedback on external and internal performance inhibitors, accelerated professional development with continual support, flexibility, and integration with organisational values and goals.

Leadership Mentoring

Assessment, coaching and mentoring for accelerated professional growth.

Strengthened awareness of leadership principles and processes, alignment of personal values with organisational goals, evolved into specific capabilities for goal achievement

Sales Development

Identifying performance gaps, revising current sales process, coaching for call reluctance, relationship building and no-pressure closing skills.

Use of current sales psychology, enlightened values-based sales systems, continual self-review. Improved professional presentation, tailored language and methodologies completely focused on your business.

Additionally we can expertly facilitate strategic planning retreats and successfully mediate executive conflict.

We develop innovative effective in-house mentoring programs, locally and globally, creating major shifts in culture and capability.

We are happy to create tailored online individual and group coaching.

We make ourselves available on a project or retainer basis to a limited number of clients.