The BEST Training Systems cover the full range of people performance in organisations.
Every program is customizable for every client. Based on real-life workplace success, they are designed and developed by a high performance business consultant who has built and led teams all over the world.
They are continually reviewed and refined.

Each program is available for traditional local performance teams, for contact centres, remote teams and global operations. They are delivered with flip charts and workbooks – no powerpoint presentations – so it’s effective real-time learning, highly engaging, interactive and workplace relevant.

The three BEST ‘flagship’ programs are:

The BEST Customer Service System

It takes a long time to build a good reputation. It takes only a few seconds to lose it.

This system ensures that your Customer Service providers are the BEST ambassadors in the world for your organisation.

The BEST Customer Service System was designed and developed to meet the demands for motivation and service quality through the pressures of a professional service environment. Confident, professional, enthusiastic people create an environment of success which is contagious, creating immediate impact on the wellbeing of every other area of contact. The BEST Customer Service System embraces all elements of a customer-focussed culture, including high level self-esteem and respect for quality internal service orientation, as well as the best attitudes and actions for external customer service excellence. One particular feature of the System is the concept of ownership and responsibility, which when missing is often a cause of dissatisfaction and de-motivation, both for service staff and customer.

The BEST Leadership Development Program

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in them.

A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”

In the past, leaders were the people ‘in charge’. They had control of the organisation. Their leadership was derived from their degree of ‘power over’ and their position in the organisation. Real leadership now means something entirely different. Leadership derives more and more from knowledge, vision, values and skills. Leadership is shared, and comes from many places within an organisation. Leadership is derived from ‘power within’.

This program has evolved from both real-life hard-learned experience over years of organisational management and leadership experience, and academic post-graduate studies in social ecology. It has been designed to provide leaders from any area of business and the community with valuable concepts, strategies and skills for their own development and for that of the team they lead.

The BEST Selling System

Simple. Powerful. Proven effective. Based on the skills and strategies of a legendary sales producer, this program was originally developed for a highly achievement-oriented client and within a short time-frame achieved outstanding results. The BEST Selling System has continued to bring about exceptional increases in sales performance by teams from widely varying industries and marketplaces.

While fundamental sales psychology and processes remain the same, we know that every organisation and buying environment varies in systems, strategies and language – we therefore customise the BEST Selling System specifically for each sales environment. Central to its philosophy is a fundamental commitment to customer goals-driven, service-based selling. A major outcome is an enhanced skill in determining and demonstrating buyer-value, minimising the issue of price. The BEST Selling System is ideal for any group with ‘sales reluctance’’ or ‘closing’ challenges. It is based strongly on the service ethic, with relationship emphasis.

Highly experienced salespeople find the program as stimulating as the novice, with a strong ‘reminder’ factor and fresh aspects of time-proven concepts, as well as huge new insights on buying psychology and behaviour.

Other continually requested programs include:

The BEST Small Business Mastery Program

A comprehensive series of 8 modules providing clear guidance on small business success. For every business owner to stay focused on the range of roles and skills required to be on top of their game - the program can be delivered via webinar, live workshop or online learning. It covers Leadership and Purpose, Research and Planning, Marketing, Sales Skills, Quality Delivery and Service, Business Financial Management and Lifestyle Mastery.

The BEST Cross Cultural Communications Program

Diversity is one of the greatest challenges facing any manager and every organisation today. Not only ethnicity, but age and gender. And differences in experience and prior learning. The challenge for us as human beings is that we often think that the way we are, is the right way to be. That’s natural! But it does cause challenges.

This program was originally designed for a major Australian organisation involved in the international marketplace. A high proportion of their customers are from other parts of the world, as is a large number of their workforce. This program’s purpose is to elevate understanding and respect, to explain issues of difference, the origin of cultural expectations, and most particularly to provide the actual experience of being different in order to develop greater empathy, to encourage awareness of common ground, and then to reach a higher-level focus of purpose, intent, and outcomes.

Each program is customised, usually with a cultural assessment and diagnostic evaluation.

The BEST Influencing and Negotiating Skills

One of the toughest things people have to do in any commercial organisation is negotiate with customers while retaining positive relationships. They need a set of systematic skills and strategies to assist with planning and preparation, to contribute to powerful problem solving and ensure satisfactory outcomes with a minimum of stress.

The BEST Influencing and Negotiating Skills Program has been developed from our highly effective sales, service and negotiation systems, to ensure that your staff members have the range of skills and strategies they need to handle all contingencies.

The BEST Meetings Management System

Nothing wastes more time than useless, poorly run, unproductive meetings. Based on experienced chairmanship, leadership and an outcomes philosophy this Program gives your people have the skills, tools and strategies to ensure that every meeting they run and attend is productive and successful.

This program has been designed from years of practical experience and high level learning, in attendance at meetings at all levels of corporate life and in leadership of organisations both nationally and internationally. It incorporates strong principles of courtesy and respect with assertiveness, integrating an understanding of behavioural difference with a clear sense of purpose and results-driven efficiency in meeting behaviour.

The BEST Negotiation Skills and Strategies

One of the toughest things anyone in service, sales or management has to do is negotiate.

One of the easiest ways to succeed in negotiation is to have a set of systematic skills and strategies to assist with planning and preparation, contribute to powerful problem solving and ensure satisfactory outcomes with a minimum of stress.

The BEST Negotiation Skills and Strategies Program was developed out of a management career in sales, marketing and general management in a highly competitive industry. While based on the universally effective BEST principles of understanding and respect, it provides a strategic framework for planning and preparing for major negotiations, for empathetic persuasion and for pre-emptive empowerment.

The BEST Presentation Skills

According to one interpretation of the Book of Lists, it seems that some of us would rather die than speak in public! It is most definitely a learned skill – not one of us was born with it! and while some of us learned early in life, most of us did not. For many of us, the ability to present easily and effectively in public is an essential requirement of our workplace performance.

This workshop was designed and developed by a full-time professional speaker and trainer, from the understanding gained during an extensive career in people development and organisational leadership. It encompasses skillsets and mindsets evolved over years of development in management, training, facilitation and professional public speaking on international platforms. It provides not only skills and strategies but more importantly, confidence and a relaxed approach. The outcomes and feedback are extraordinary.

The BEST Sales Management Program

  • Are you responsible for managing sales teams in a dynamic competitive environment?
  • Do you need to coach and lead your people to ensure new personal bests are achieved?
  • Is it important to you to retain your best people while keeping them committed and motivated to your goals and targets?

If you are looking to improve performance in these key areas of sales management, you need the BEST Sales Management program.

The word BEST is a mnemonic for the four essential steps in the BEST Sales Management System. Once learned, they are never forgotten. They can form the basis for valuable coaching, for useful self-measurement and for realistic quality assessment. The BEST Sales Management program was devised especially for managers, coaches and team leaders in conjunction with various industry experts, to enable them to effectively build performance of their inbound or outbound sales teams.

The BEST Survival System for Contact Centres

Burnout, low morale, high staff turnover, absenteeism – naturally occurring nasties that strike even the best managed contact centres! Stress is a fact of life for even the most highly professional teams. It can’t be avoided – as long as we are breathing! But it can be managed, for improved wellbeing, staff retention and increased productivity.

The BEST Survival System for Contact Centres is based on a combination of real-life management experience and extensive post-graduate research in Social Ecology. It’s different – and it works! Workplace stress is normal and unavoidable in today’s pressure environment. It simply needs to be recognised, acknowledged and managed calmly. It does not have to be the frightening oppressive monster we can’t handle. There is no place for victimhood in a busy workplace – each of us must face our circumstances and choose a response.

The BEST Survival System contains tools and processes for self-awareness, decision making and communication, designed to support those choices in a positive and constructive way for both the individual and the organisation. It provides your people with a range of strategies to choose from. It’s empowering, involving and effective.

The program also supports Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers, as well as team members, by providing coaching tools for ongoing leadership.

The BEST Team Building Program

No matter how good we and our team mates are at our work, inevitably times come when we don’t work as well together as we could. Why? Because we are all different, with different backgrounds, different lives, different needs and goals. We need to come together, to commit some time to understanding each other and to recommit to the purpose of our work. Then we can develop great team performance, pulling together instead of tearing each other apart. We can begin to take responsibility for our team’s culture, standards and productivity levels.

This program is designed to uncover the will and provide the skills for strong team orientation to emerge. It is directed in part towards understanding self and others, with a focus on acceptance of individual differences and the valuing of diversity both in style and opinion. Practical strategies and tactics are provided for ensuring a clearer and stronger commitment to team goals and objectives, with ownership by each individual oftheir responsibility and accountability for team achievement. Participants will have greater self-understanding, enhanced personal communication and relationship management skills and better team work.

The BEST Telemarketing System

Using the same principles and philosophies as the proven BEST Teleselling System, this program is designed to provide

  • A fast efficient successful outbound sales process
  • Greater confidence for your sales people
  • More positive responses from your customers
  • Highly improved morale and team spirit

While the BEST Teleselling System has been highly successful for both inbound and outbound sales consultants, we recognise the need in many operations for a faster, less consultative, more direct sales approach. Retaining the ethical principles and natural style of the BEST philosophy, the BEST Telemarketing System will help your people to do a better job, more easily, with less stress and a higher commitment to results. The BEST Telemarketing System is high rev value-based selling, committed to win/win with a full on positive attitude.

The BEST Telephone Negotiating System

One of the toughest things a Contact Centre consultant may have to do is negotiate on the telephone. Special skills and techniques are required, along with sound stress management strategies, to ensure both a great customer relationship and a healthy team member!

The BEST Telephone Negotiation System is most valuable when:

  • Your consultants are continually having to deal with challenging calls requiring problem solving and tough answers
  • Your teams are well trained in Customer Service systems and standards but really want an additional edge
  • Your policies and processes are firmly in place, but your customers want flexibility and empathetic understanding
  • Your inbound and outbound sales skills are good, but you really want your team to have an expanded toolkit, to make the most of every call with the BEST outcomes possible.

The BEST Teleselling System

Is it really the BEST? It's very different to most Teleselling - but the results achieved by our clients, and the feedback from participants, tell us that it is!

In fact, the word BEST is a mnemonic for the four essential, simple steps in the BEST Teleselling System. Once learned, they are never forgotten. They can form the basis for valuable coaching, for useful self-measurement and for realistic quality assessment. Based on the powerful and proven BEST Selling System, the BEST Teleselling System was devised especially for telesales consultants in conjunction with call centre experts, to enable them to sell effectively during both inbound and outbound calls.

It’s natural, it’s ethical, it’s customer and service-focused. And most importantly, it’s proven to be extremely successful. Key features of the BEST Teleselling System are:

  • Your language, values and cultural orientation
  • Based on the skills and experience of proven telesales performers
  • Simple, easy to learn and remember
  • Designed around vital adult learning principles of ‘real play’ and repetition

Highly experienced tele-salespeople find the program as stimulating as the novice, with its strong ‘reminder’ factor and fresh aspects of time-proven concepts, as well as gaining huge new insights on buying psychology and behaviour.

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