Are you an organisation with your own training expertise in-house?

Would you like to have a licence to deliver the BEST Training Systems?

Many of our clients have found that it is more cost effective and culturally compatible to have the BEST Training Systems delivered in-house by their own people – ideally the ‘heroes’ in the field. The program development and cultural change definitely works BEST when the workshops are facilitated by your own performance champions - it's so credible! And they love getting involved in being the experts. Because they are.

Are you thinking 'Nooooo, we don't want them out of the field where they do such good work!'?? Believe us, it's worth it for the leverage they create in the rest of your people, when they come in and run a workshop.

We provide full ‘train the trainer’ support, facilitation manuals, everything they need to be our BEST ambassador and your BEST facilitator.

Please let us know if you would like to investigate this further. We'll work with you to tailor the licence offering to your needs.

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