BEST Training Licenses Available

Are you looking to build your business as a trainer, speaker or facilitator?

We are keen to build our team throughout Australia (where you would be working with our extraordinary Master Licensee, Entamio Education), New Zealand and South East Asia to meet client demand.

Here’s some thoughts from a BEST Licensee:

“BEST programs are a joy to market and facilitate.

“When I am meeting a potential client for the first time, I just follow the BEST Selling System principles. I focus on being of service. I ask good quality questions that really uncover the client’s needs, wants and goals. We build a great relationship and I ALWAYS walk away with an agreement to send the client a proposal. Following up the proposal is easy because of our initial relationship and I am proud to say I have an 80%-85% closing rate (and I know I’ll get that 15%-20% eventually!).

As a facilitator, I enjoy the way the programs are designed. The BEST programs allow for wonderful group discussions and debrief and also allow me as the facilitator the opportunity to bring my real life examples into the mix. The program structure and philosophies allow me to guide, nurture, challenge and develop each participant.

The very BEST part of facilitating is when I am asked to attend the celebration sessions. These are always a joy to watch.

When Catherine agreed to make the programs more widely available, it filled me with so much pleasure and excitement. The BEST programs are too good not to share, they touch the mind and the heart and we need more magnificent people, just like you, to take them to others so they can learn and grow.”

Janelle Nisbet

Managing Director, Progress Training Systems Pty Ltd

Please let us know if you are interested in finding out more about our professional support.

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