That's a bold claim!

Yes it is. And it's a great business name! But we stand by it. For 3 strong reasons.
  1. BEST stands for Business Essentials Skills Training. And that's what we provide.
  2. BEST also stands for the 4 clear steps and stages that we use in all Sales, Service, Leadership and the other 25 human behavioural interventions.
  3. And most importantly, we are very proud of our continual proven performance development in organisations large and small, across a wide range of industries, for over 20 years. We very immodestly know we're the BEST!

The origins of BEST Training Systems began in 1988. They were authored by our Founder, on demand for our clients, to meet their performance needs. They are based on real-life from management and leadership experience, on what really works. They are not just based on theory or copied from someone else's stuff. Now, after many success stories and considerable continual research, we know they still work.

The BEST Point Of Difference

In our experience, a lot of time and money is wasted on people development programs that don't work. We know that the BEST Programs really achieve results, with proven behavioural change.
We help our clients reach their goals.

The BEST programs focus on highly effective communications strategies and personal empowerment principles. They are about People Skills. Not 'soft skills' - we think they are hard! Whereas Process Skills are relatively easy.

You KNOW you need to be training your people on Product, Processes and People Skills. We don't do the first two, but we do integrate them into our programs. Every single program can be customised to your Product and your Processes. That's when they work at their very BEST.

Effective behavioural change occurs over time, with good on-the-job coaching and support.
We create clarity - we impart skills with practical and memorable systems - and we ensure our work continues to achieve results long after we have left.

We've built our BEST programs on four fundamental principles:

  1. Massed/Spaced Learning
  2. On the Job Real-time Application
  3. Peer Group Involvement
  4. Management Ownership

The BEST programs are driven through clients' own managers, supervisors and team leaders, using follow-up sessions, coaching, and as much internal expertise as possible to ensure seamlessness and cultural integrity., to get strong buy-in with real and lasting change. We customise every program for every client, to the extent that they want. And of course we're committed to the BEST possible levels of service, with well-researched, diligent professional partnering in the successful development of your organisation. We will do our absolute BEST to support you to achieve your results.

The BEST programs are usually delivered live.
But through Entamio Education's excellent resources, we can support you in online learning and give you a blended resource.

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